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Decision Support.

You are in safe hands

Putting Numbers to Your Decisions

Caretycs helps your business make better financial decisions.

At Caretycs, we offer more than just data integration and management. With over 30 years of healthcare experience, we can help your business increase your bottom line while maintaining the same quality of care.

How do we achieve this?

We can improve line of sight on your population through data management and applications. We guarantee you will find improvements in HCC and HEDIS gap closures.

With encounter management, never worry about submission rejections again!

With Caretycs tools, your business can have a decision system that is as rapid as your data feed or even faster!

Dynamic Data Needs Dynamic Analysis

Caretycs offers a multifaceted approach to data reporting. Whether you are a data analyst or a front office manager, Caretycs reporting is accessible and easy to understand at all levels. Did we mention we offer on-board training for all teams and individual offices?

  • Canned Reporting
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Financial Multidimensional Database
  • Applications
All Web Based! Access from Any
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Caretycs Services Offered

30Years Experience


Enterprise Management Services

Caretycs offers security levels with our reporting services. You can set custom access based on a user’s current role.

Application Management

Health plan data timing is an area of potential vulnerability for your business, but what if you had access to data entry applications? Your data can now complement what health plans are reporting.

All these applications feed into the Caretycs platform and help improve line of sight on population through real-time data entry.
...Canned Reporting

Access over 100 dynamic canned reports in our catalogue. Simple reporting that is presentation quality. Pick your filters and click run! It is that simple.

We also create custom canned reporting!

...Dashboard Reporting

Need something dynamic for a presentation? Caretycs dashboard reporting has great visuals and is ideal for presentations. Access from web or mobile phone

...Financial Multidimensional Database

An analyst’s favorite! Dynamic reporting from our data cube can be accessed from CareTycs.com and will provide additional levels of insight. Save your reports and bring them up at any time.

Healthcare Analytics Decision Support

Why choose us

With big data comes big decisions.


Caretycs builds relationships with our clients as partners rather than simply being an outside team.


Caretycs offers reliable data solutions that are FAST. With our vast experience in healthcare, it’s clear that we don't just know data - we understand the business of healthcare too. We are passionate about our work, and we want to help your business succeed.

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